Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodeling in MD

Master Suites in Montgomery County

Is your master bedroom lacking the features you crave? Do you wish your closet was larger or had more storage space? Would you rather have dual sinks in the bathroom? Whatever the quirk you wish to change, our team of design/build professionals can make it happen with a master suite remodel.

Using a principle of universal design and our strict attention to detail, we can transform your master bedroom into more than just a place to sleep. Don’t live in a cramped master bedroom or bathroom, remodel and enjoy a magnificent, newly-designed suite.

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Master Suite Additions: What’s Included?

When it comes to designing your master suite, there is no cookie-cutter plan. Ever master suite is unique and suited to your needs. Whatever you want, no matter how big or complex, our team is skilled in creating and implementing a working plan of action, resulting in a beautiful new master bedroom and bathroom combination you’ll love. Some of the features often included in our master suites are:

  • Sitting areas. Your bedroom should be more than a place to lay your head. You should have space for quiet time, reading, or privately chatting on the phone. We can design you a nook in your master bedroom for all of these activities, so you’ll feel more comfortable in your own space.
  • Walk-in closets. You can never have enough storage space, especially when it comes to your main closet. Expanding your closet space is often a must-have during a bedroom remodel.
  • Laundry access. Life is much simpler when the laundry room is directly accessible from your master suite. Never again will you have to carry baskets up and down the stairs.
  • Bathroom access. Having a bathroom within your suite allows to ultimate privacy, which is a luxury you can’t afford to live without.
  • And more! If you can dream it, we can build it. In the initial consultation, we’ll ask about your wants and needs and create a unique plan for you to review. Some master suites we have completed included: large garden tubs, heated bathroom floors, fireplaces, vanity stations, and so much more!

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