Benefits of a Sunroom Addition

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Sunroom Addition

With winter weather right around the corner (and dark winter hours in full swing), many of you may be looking out your window longing for the days of backyard barbecue and basking in the sunshine. If you have a patio already, you’re likely to pack up the furniture to the shed for safe keeping before it freezes over. However, if you have a sunroom addition, you get to enjoy the sunshine and luxury of feeling nestled outdoors while keeping warm year-round. Be it Spring or Winter, sunroom additions are a hit among homeowners.

What is a Sunroom Addition?

A sunroom is an enclosure designed with several large windows and transparent walls or roofing to allow maximum sunlight, while shielding out nature’s other elements (rain, bugs, snow, etc.). This enclosure is attached to your home in the way a screened in porch would be, but is more durable and effective to use regardless of the season. Sunrooms also vary greatly in size and design; finding one that looks organic with the current architecture and style of your home is not difficult. Check out 55 awesome sunroom design ideas here.

Warmth and Benefits

Aside from sunlight itself, the quality of insulation in the windows and doors that you choose is imperative in maintaining a proper year-round temperature in your sunroom. When designed and executed properly, this space can be a great year-round area to entertain guests or children when it gets too cold to do so outdoors. Additionally, this a great room to house larger plants that you would like to maintain through the seasons that might not have been getting proper light inside your home. Adding this space and square footage to your home will also increase its value and be a unique and beneficial investment.

Sunroom Additions by Design Build Remodeling Group

Design Build Remodeling Group has extensive experience in the sunroom addition department. The typical description for sunroom additions based on our work in 2015 includes construction of a 200-square-foot sunroom addition, including footings and slab-on-grade foundation with post-and-beam framing exposed on the interior side. It also includes wall glazing: vinyl or aluminum clad awning and casement windows with low-E, laminated or tempered glazing and screens. The roof glazing included has entailed 10 large aluminum-clad venting skylights with screens. We also provide a ceiling fan if desired and insulate all non-glass areas, providing movable shades for glass areas. We install quarry tile or the equivalent of your needs for the flooring.

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