How to Check the Quality of a Contractor’s Work

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When you hire a home remodeling company, you want to be sure they live up to the promises and expectations they set in advance. You need to know that what they advertise is what you are going to get when all is said and done. You never want to be left with a mismatched bathroom or a kitchen that was remodeled by cutting corners. But, how can you be sure that you’re going to get the best?

Ask to see previously completed projects. When hiring a contractor, it’s not unpolite to ask: how many projects have you completed in the past year and can we see one? Pictures only show so much. Getting into the space and examining it with your own eyes can help ensure that the quality is on par with what you expect.

To make sure you are getting the best value, inspect the following to determine the quality of your contractor.


The easiest way to determine if your contractor employs or subcontracts quality painters is to see and feel the finished product. If you feel or see any rough patches, drip marks, or inconstant coloring, then it’s not a well-painted wall. Paint provides a unique aesthetic to each room, and it is often the first thing to be noticed by guests. A poorly painted wall is no one-time mishap—it’s more likely a reflection of the contractor’s low-quality work.


While you are inspecting the paint, you should also take the time to inspect the trim. A quality trim installation should be geometrical and straight. You should never be able to see nail holes or obvious seams.

Cabinets & Doors

A quick test of the cabinets and doors will let you know if they were properly installed. Doors and cabinets should move smoothly and never stick! Good cabinet doors are built to last. That goes for all doors throughout the house.


All lighting should be hanging well with no flickering lights. Check all dimmer switches too to make sure they were properly installed. Also, make sure all lighting fixtures are in line and evenly spaced.


Just like the trim work, all flooring—whether it be hardwood or tile—needs to be installed neatly. Tile should be perfectly square and level throughout the kitchen or bathroom. Hardwood floors should be smooth, unchipped, and evenly placed.

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