Moving Up: Consider A Second-Story Addition

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When it comes to increasing your living space, building up has its advantages. Adding vertical square footage on a small lot preserves valuable real estate for future projects such as a pool or porch. It also eliminates the need for excavation and foundation work, which can be costly. Whether you need an extra bedroom for a new addition to the family, or simply want more living space upstairs, our experts at Design Build Remodeling Group of Maryland can help design and build your dream second story addition.

Before tearing off your roof and attempting to add a second story addition yourself, it is important to understand the logistics. A second story creates a lot of extra weight that must be supported. If your ceiling joists are not big enough to support a second story addition, they will need to be updated or paired with existing beams. Securing the structure requires heavy machinery, multiple permits and several man-hours. In addition, any existing wiring or HVAC in the attic must be removed and updated before construction can begin—an overwhelming job for a hobbyist handyman. Let Design Build Remodeling Group assist with the dirty work so that you don’t have to.

If you live in the Baltimore Metropolitan area, you probably value every available square foot of real estate and will do whatever it takes to preserve it. Don’t sacrifice your small backyard by building out. Our team will come out for an in-home consultation to help you decide on a design that works best for you and the layout of your home. Our goal is to work closely with you from beginning to end to ensure that all of your needs and desires are met.

Design Build Remodeling Group has built second-story additions all over Maryland and can customize yours to fit the needs of your family. For more information, contact Design Build Remodeling Group of Maryland today!