New Years Resolutions For Your Home

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New Year’s resolutions help us set goals for ourselves for the upcoming year. Losing weight, saving money or volunteering at the homeless shelter are all popular. But have you considered making annual resolutions for your home? Like personal resolutions, which serve as targets for improvement in our personal lives, making attainable resolutions for your home will push you to finish that bathroom renovation, or update the back patio (finally). See below a list of top home resolutions that should be on your list for 2015.

1. Complete a major home renovation or remodeling project.

You’ve been putting off that second-story addition or new kitchen for years. It’s overwhelming to think about how much time it will take and the cost. You might have concerns about putting on an addition to an older house, or potentially giving up your valued real estate. Don’t wait any longer: a new addition is a great way to add living space for you and your family and is a sound investment should you ever look to sell.

2. Get your home ready for entertaining:

Maybe you weren’t comfortable throwing that birthday party or having family over for Christmas last year. Your house should  not only be a place where you live but a comfortable place to entertain friends and family. Don’t be afraid to invite people over in 2015: A few updates can make your home more welcoming and party-ready. Remodel the downstairs bathroom you’ve been complaining about for six months.  Update your kitchen with new cabinets or add an island, which serves as the perfect chip and dip station.

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3.  Reduce your bills:

In connection with the popular resolution of saving money and becoming more financially savvy, one way to achieve this is to pay less for common home expenses such as water, electricity and heating/cooling. “Going green” doesn’t necessarily mean installing solar panels on the roof or water-saving toilets (though neither are bad ideas). Updating an old HVAC system can save you thousands in heating and cooling costs and are more efficient and ultimately more environmentally friendly.

Save on heating costs by insulating or updating drafty windows and doors. A glazing material found on Low-E windows for example, reduce a window’s energy emittance and help optimize energy flow for solar heating, daylighting and cooling.

Lastly, replacing  leaky faucets can also save you money on water costs. If you’re worried your home utility systems may be costing you a fortune, you can gauge home’s energy efficiency by having a home energy audit conducted. They are simple and provide useful information for your home.

4.  Organize the clutter:

Having too much stuff is a major problem for some homeowners: a room full of clutter is uninviting and in severe cases, uninhabitable. Adding storage space in the form of closets, or a even a full garage addition will help organize the clutter. Consider a storage garage or shed, or upgrade your living space with new closets. With a new storage addition, you’ll be able to design and decorate your home without having to worry about where to put all of those extra boxes or holiday decorations.

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Don’t neglect your home resolutions this year. Writing down a few resolutions for your home can help you stay focused on the home projects you want to complete most. At Design Build Remodeling Group, we’re all about making your home your favorite place to be. Contact Design Build Remodeling Group today to find out how we can help winterize your home to save you money, or add on that living room addition to entertain guests.