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Are you looking to expand your home? Not sure where to begin? Whether you have a large family, are looking to grow your family, or just need extra space to spread out, consider adding a family room onto your home! Living room and family room additions are a great way to increase the usable space in your home, and give your friends, guests, and family members a place to gather.

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What Are the Benefits of a Family Room Addition?

Today’s family rooms are casual and informal spaces where you can sit and read, watch TV with your family and friends, entertain guests, play games, or watch movies. They’re versatile, functional and comfortable spaces that can be tailored to meet your family’s needs—and more importantly, they are spaces you can actually live in.

Family rooms add value to your home for the future, while creating value for your family now.

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Our Design and Build Process for Family Room Additions

The remodeling experts at Design Build Remodeling Group want to see you get the family room addition that you’ve always dreamed about. We aim to meet your every need and make the design and build process as simple and stress free as possible. To achieve this, our design process includes:

  • An initial meeting. Our process always begins with a face-to-face with our clients. Here we gather all of your ideas, wants, and needs and get a better idea of what your goals are. By working together, we can build your ideal, dream family room space. Bring pictures, bring your ideas (no matter how out there!), and be ready to express all of your wants and needs.
  • Planning and designing your ideal space. Our expert design team will draw up comprehensive floor plans and concept drawings, striving to match your ideal space perfectly. If we hit the mark and you love working with our team, we can move forward with the project with no reservations!
  • Building your design plan. Here we will work alongside you to refine the “game plan”, ensuring all of your choices are put into implementation for the final design. We can also go ahead and finalize all paperwork and details regarding your build.
  • Construction and implementation. And then comes the good part! Our master craftsmen will go to work turning your dream living space into a reality. Our project management team will always keep you full yin the loop so you can monitor the build process, adding input where you like and knowing what’s going on with your project in general.
  • Clean up! Your only job in the entire build process is to enjoy your new space, and we want nothing to get in the way of that! Our experts will thoroughly clean up all aspects of our job, ensuring you get a clean, finalized space that is ready to meet your needs.

Superior Family Rooms Additions in MD

With over thirty years of expert-quality training and experience, our design/build experts can meet your every need with a family room addition. When you choose to work with Design Build Remodeling Group, you’re choosing a team that is wholly dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. We want to help your dreams become a reality, and to do that, we only offer the best services and products available!

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