How to Remodel Your Home for the Holidays

Posted by: Account Manager

During the holidays, you might be expecting visits from lots of family members and out-of-town friends. As a host, you know there is a lot of behind the scenes redecorating that goes into creating a festive home. If you’re entertaining overnight guests, your job doesn’t end with dinner; creating a warm and inviting guest room or living space is just as important as setting a beautiful table.

But what if you don’t have enough counter space, or need an additional bedroom for your cousins?

If you have already begun having design build woes about how your home is set up for the holidays—fear not! The experts at Design Build Remodeling Group have come up with a list to turn your home into a festive and welcoming environment for the next holiday season!

Remodeling Projects to Make Holiday Hosting Easier

If you’re one to entertain during holidays or special occasions, wouldn’t it be nice to have a specially designed, functional living space to host your guests?

We know that beginning a new construction project is likely the farthest thing from your mind right now in the midst of the holiday season. However, a typical remodeling project requires 8 to 12 weeks from the initial planning to even begin construction—so it’s never too early to start planning for next year!

If you are considering remodeling your guest room, living space, or kitchen area to get a head start on the next holiday season—now is the time to start planning and crunching the numbers!

Want to start planning but don’t know where to begin? Here are some festive ideas for guest room remodels from Design Build Remodeling Group:

  • Upgrade your kitchen. The holidays are often associated with lots and lots of food, but it’s hard to prepare a large meal if your kitchen is too small or lacking the proper amenities. Consider remodeling your kitchen by upgrading your appliances, adding extra food prep space, or installing new cabinetry.
  • Remodel the bathrooms. When you have lots of guests, you’re going to need lots of bathrooms—it’s just a fact! Why not consider upgrading your fixtures and installing low-flow toilets before your aunts and uncles descend upon your home for vacation?
  • Finish your basement. Sometimes a single guest room isn’t enough. If you’re worried about where your guests are going to sleep, consider finishing your basement. A finished basement will give you extra living space, additional guest rooms, and a place to store all of those holiday gifts that won’t fit under the tree.
  • Spruce up your guest room. Is your guest room too small? Does it have enough closet space? If not, consider expanding the closet to give your guests more storage space, or add on a guest bathroom for additional privacy!
  • Add on. Maybe your home is lacking a guest room—if so, add on! Adding on to your home can give you the additional space and comfort you crave year-round.

Of course, this was only to name a few—there are plenty more design build projects to choose from!

Remodel Your Maryland Home with Design Build Remodeling Group

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