The Reasoning Behind Biophilic Remodeling

Posted by: SurePulse Publisher

A home needs to provide security for you, whether it’s from the weather or strangers. However, a recent trend focuses on a different kind of protection: health and wellness. People are now looking for housing or remodeling with biophilic design.

The Reasoning Behind Biophilic Remodeling

Design Build Remodeling Group of Maryland, the leading new addition contractors in the area, answers a few questions you might have about it:

Question 1: How Did It Start?

The life of Tony the Siberian tiger started this movement. He was a star attraction at a truck stop until fumes in his artificial habitat led to illness. His life was cut short, and people began to ask: “Can this also happen to humans?

Because of the health concerns this raised, designers are now building and remodeling houses to aid in both physical and mental health. One part of this is with the environment itself. Rather than simply adding trees inside the living room, a biophilic design works to have the natural resources as part of your home.

Question 2: Is It Green Architecture?

In a way, it does involve living a healthier and more natural lifestyle. However, the common misconception is that it is the same as green architecture. Green architecture focuses on the actual space and use of the environment. Biophilic design, however, focuses more on its effect on the homeowners and other residents.

Question 3: How Does It Work?

The entire design of the home, from the interior to the exterior, aims to use the natural environment. Since there are urban houses that might want to apply this, designers have also created “biomimicry”. This means the houses simulate the natural environment. For example, colors in and out of the house could match those of plants and trees. Kitchen remodeling contractors even add that this could most benefit kitchen spaces.

Question: Why Does It Work?

According to several architects, the beauty of biophilic design lies on how it reinforces health. Rather than forcing you inside monotonous white walls, it gives you an inviting aura through its natural look. Your body will feel physically safer, and your mind will feel more relaxed in a soothing environment.

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