In-Law Suite Additions in Westminster, MD

Once upon a time you bought a home in Westminster. Since then, your family has expanded and changed, causing you to outgrow the space. Your needs are not the same as they once were, and it’s time for your home to adapt too.

Bringing extended family into your home can be wonderful—but you need space to do so! We can help you add the perfect amount of space to your existing home. By adding an in-law suite, you can create a comfortable space for additional family and friends to live and stay. Transform your unused basement or empty garage into a full-size, functional guest space. Extend your home to include an apartment with its own entryway.

When you choose Design Build Remodeling Group, the possibilities for your in-law suite addition are endless! We can help you with every step in the home addition process from design to construction. We’ll work with you to create plans for various sizes, types, and styles of suites. Plus, we know how to make sure that your new addition will fit with the style and flow of your existing home.

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What Are the Benefits of an In-Law Suite Addition?

Many Westminster homeowners attempt to integrate their families within their existing home. But, often it can be a difficult transition. When you are used to living within your space, it can be an adjustment to share that space with additional people, even close family members. An in-law suite addition can alleviate many feelings of crowdedness or invasion of privacy. When you choose in-law suites, you gain:

  • More space. An obvious answer, of course, but in-law suites can provide you with ample space and facilities to accommodate new family members. This can help drastically with logistics, removing much of the stress that can come with in-law additions to your home.
  • Privacy. Privacy is the single most challenging aspect of family integration. There are suddenly a lot more people in your home, and continuing even the simplest of daily routines can become challenging, if not outright impossible. In-law suites allow you, and the ones you’re living with, added privacy so that life can go on stress-free, leaving you to simply enjoy your incorporated family members.
  • Independence. If you are opting for integration due to a family member’s retirement, or aging, you are doing a wonderful thing. However, the loss of independence on your family member’s part can have a detrimental effect on mood and overall health. In-law suites allow them more independence, which can lead to a higher quality of life for your loved ones.
  • Space versatility. In-law suites also present an excellent opportunity for renovation. The additions are a way to rearrange and optimize your home, adding function, improving design, and leaving you with a newer, better home.

Our In-Law Addition Services in Westminster, MD

When you choose to work with Design Build Remodeling Group, we will handle every step of your Westminster home addition from design to construction. Our team of seasoned design and build professionals can provide for all of your in-law suite addition needs, including:

  • Design and planning of new suite
  • Custom floor plans and suite layouts
  • New walls and new drywall installation
  • New flooring
  • Bathroom area installation
  • Kitchen or kitchenette installation
  • New interior/exterior lighting
  • Installation of new windows and doors
  • Separate entryway solutions
  • And more!

Superior In-Law Suite Design and Build Services in Westminster, MD

Regardless of your needs, our master craftsmen and seasoned design team can accommodate you.  We’ve been providing Maryland homeowners with the best in superior service, quality design, and top-tier builds for over three decades, and our experts have all the knowledge and skill needed to meet your every need.

Our team has the reputation for being the absolute best for home additions and various home remodeling projects. If you are ready to get started on your in-law suite planning, contact Design Build Remodeling Group today!