How Upscale Finishes Make Your Kitchen Remodel Worth It

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An example of a kitchen remodel with upscale finishes like a unique vent hood from Design Build Remodeling Group.

Are you in the market for a kitchen remodel? When you begin the process of transforming your kitchen remodeling dreams into an actual design, you will notice you have a lot of decisions to make. Do you want a traditional style kitchen? Contemporary? Energy-efficient? Regardless of your unique style choice, upscale finishes can give your kitchen the extra convenience and edge to make the whole remodel worth your while – while increasing the value of your home! Let’s talk about options.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash

One of the signature features in a contemporary (modern) kitchen design is a ceramic or glass tile backsplash. This is a unique and beautiful way to express your distinct style and taste within your design. When it comes to your backsplash design, your options may seem endless. Utilizing this feature can add texture and aesthetic appeal to an otherwise ordinary kitchen design. Check out examples of kitchen glass tile backsplashes here.

Built-In Refrigerators

The heart of your home is not complete without your refrigerator. However, this kitchen necessity doesn’t need to stand out in a bulky, obvious way. Built-in refrigerators are increasing in popularity because of how seamlessly they can be integrated into a functional design. A sleek, energy-efficient refrigerator can be tucked into a wall cavity and disguised to blend in with your cabinetry! This increases floor space and the fluidity of your design. Built-in refrigerators are designed for high performance, with space and quality in mind. They are known to keep your produce and other food fresher for longer, saving you money on your monthly food expenses. See some examples of built-in refrigerator home designs here.

Cooktop Vent Hood

A vent hood, otherwise known as an exhaust hood or range hood, is a fan enclosed in a canopy and installed above your stove or cooktop. Vent hoods are designed with your cooking safety in mind. Through filtration, they are able to remove airborne grease, combustion products, heat, smoke and steam from the air in your kitchen while you are cooking. They also provide increased lighting. Check out some vent hood designs here to see how truly unique and effective they are. When you invest in a major kitchen remodel with upscale finishes from Design Build Remodeling Group, it will include stone countertops with an imported ceramic or glass tile backsplash, a built-in refrigerator, cooktop, 36-inch commercial grade vent hood and more!

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