The Benefits of Whole House Renovation

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completed whole house renovation design build remodeling group
A beautiful example of a completed whole house renovation by Design Build Remodeling Group
Is your home situated in the location of your dreams? Perfect school district? Ideal neighbors? Close proximity to family and friends? If the answer is yes, you might wonder what could possibly be wrong in this scenario. But the truth is, it is common for long-time homeowners to remain in love with their location well after the love for their home itself has faded. Whole house renovation makes it possible for homeowners to transform an outdated home into a modern and functional masterpiece! The best part? You don’t have to move! Design Build Remodeling Group is here to elaborate on the benefits of whole house renovation.

What is Whole House Renovation?

Whole house renovation is the term used when you add, change or remodel 50 percent or more of your living space under one remodeling agreement – as opposed to several remodeling agreements for different projects over a longer span of time. Whole house renovation is a big project, but it offers an incredible return for families who love their property and location. The greatest benefit? You don’t have to relocate! If you think remodeling seems like a hassle, just imagine the headache that goes into things like searching for a new home, moving everything you own and redistricting the kids to a different school. Check out Design Build Remodeling Group’s gallery of complete whole house renovations here.

Whole House Renovation Options

The best candidates for a whole house renovation are older homes with a good basic structure that are in need of updated kitchens, bathrooms, electric and plumbing. You have several options regarding the design of your whole house renovation, but the possibilities include:
  • Brand new framing, drywall, and insulation
  • Removal of walls, installation of beams
  • Redesign the layout of existing floor plans/room structure (increase functionality!)
  • Mechanical Upgrades: New electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems
  • Exterior Upgrades: Replacement roofing, siding, windows, doors and patios
  • Replace flooring, trim and paint throughout home
  • Kitchen additions/renovations/remodeling (learn more about upscale finishes)
  • Bathroom additions/renovations/remodeling (great for families that have grown)
  • Mudroom/Laundry room additions or remodeling
  • New masonry walls in your basement
  • Accommodations for disability needs

Interested in a Whole House Remodel? Contact Design Build Remodeling Group!

At Design Build Remodeling Group, we minimize the inconveniences that often accompany a major remodeling project and work fast to meet your family needs during the renovation process. With a project as major as a whole house renovation, it is essential that you choose a contractor you will enjoy working closely with who also has the skill and expertise to do a quality job.
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